Argument : what we deserve in life can be shattered by abuse of power and ignorance. Having ignorance leads to unthoughtful decisions. People who have power sometimes don’t know what they are doing which can lead to selfishness because of lack of knowledge that they have.

It was my senior year at Natomas high school and I attended this school for all four years and played football for this school for only three. I had an outstanding year in the classroom and also on the field. During the football season my senior year I had about eleven touchdowns, rushed for 1000 yards and had fifty five tackles on the season and one interception. I was a leader on this team, team captain, I even lead every game walking my team out and doing the coin toss. Soon after the season the team banquet was coming along and I was for sure that I was going to get the “MVP” award. When the time came and I seen the “MVP” award get gave away and I received “offensive player of the year .” This is when I knew something was injustice ,because my coach had always been sloppy about his decisions. I thought that this was completely unfair because the type of year I played and overall person I was in general.

Connection: My story connects to my argument because what I felt I deserved, which was the “MVP” award was given away to someone else. I felt like my coach gave it away because he is young, unexperienced, and not the most intelligent person that should have been having a head  coaching job in the first place. I expected to finish my football season how I predicted, but I cant always get what I want in life, but I cant let that set me back. I had to keep looking forward to forget about it, live with it and just be grateful that I even got this far in life


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