A belief that is live is something that is relatable to you in a way, or something you know you are familiar with and can speak on. A live belief is something that you like or in some cases dislike. It would be considered live because its current still and you have reasoning behind what you feel you believe in. Also because of how strong your belief is in something. For example if someone was to get into an argument about God and they are a strong believer in God, they are going to have a lot to say because they know what they are talking about. Versus someone who really doesn’t care about God and has a hard time believing in the spiritual world .

A forced belief has a lot to do with not having much other options. Forced beliefs could be in numerous situations. For example if someone offers to buy you something and they say its now or never , its forced. You can either take the offer or leave it, there is no in between, that’s why your left to make a decision.

A momentous belief is like a once in a lifetime opportunity , if you decide to make that decision. the people who would have this momentous belief , they know that to them that there is going to be a good outcome. The people who didn’t have this belief would think the complete opposite. They didn’t want to miss out on other opportunities possibly or even didn’t want to change their daily lifestyle for a few days.

My reasoning is because in a live argument , you want it to be something relatable to you. Pretty much something you know is true and have evidence for. For a forced belief , you have two options , your first option is yes if you know what it your talking about. The second option is no if you don’t know , or if your unsure, but you are still forced to make the decision. A momentous belief you have two options as well, but this decision is not forced.



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