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This movie Existenz has a lot to do with escaping reality. Plato’s scheme of reality thought that there was an ideal or perfect world beyond our own physical earth. Plato believes that our earthly world if full of unevenness, imperfections, and impurities which have been copied from the ideal world which is beyond us. In the movie Existenz I feel like that’s exactly what the characters were trying to  do in this movie. They believed that Existenz was better than the actual real world. Characters knew what they wanted to get out of this life. In Trancedenz it relates to Plato because , they believed that there was something out there in the game with their expectations of life. The longer these characters stayed in the game the more weird it got, such as back ports, uncommon weird foods, and really unsanitary working conditions. The longer the game lasted the further they went away from reality. Early on in this game the woman was super excited and anxious and ready to go into this game. The man was always in a way unsure if he wanted to be a part of it until he got comfortable enough. I say these characters wanted to escape the real world, because it is obvious In the movie. They seem more happy in the game, then they did when they were outside of the game. They shared more laughs, they had more fun together, and even kissed inside of the game. A few other things about was about the woman and her clothing and hair throughout the movie. I noticed that outside the game she didn’t dress so nice and her hair wasn’t the best. In certain scenes when they got in this game, she would be dressed up really nice with silky clothing and also have curly cringes in her hair. This led me to think that she loves this other world that she believes that there is. These characters in this movie believed that the physical was real. Often times they would be confused on which world they are living in. If they really want to escape the real world I feel like they should know for good if they want to be a part of the other world, and be able to feel the difference between the two.


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  1. I liked what you said about Plato’s “ideal world” and how ultimately that’s what the characters were trying to achieve by staying in the game, even when Ted appeared to be totally against it, he still enjoyed it in some aspects.


  2. Hey Tivon! I enjoyed your blog, you explained Plato’s scheme of reality perfectly! When you started to talk about Trancendenz you mentioned that they seemed to enjoy it more and more as they went deeper into a game. I was wondering if you thought they were actually enjoying it or if it was just part of their own scheme to trick the other players and the maker of the game into thinking they actually wanted to be there? Also, why go so far as to go into the game and play it all the way through just to assassinate the game maker at the very end? Anyway, The movie really did show how distorted realities can confuse and make you question all that you thought you knew and the further you get away from Plato’s reality the more distorted it gets.


  3. bcharriere says:

    Hello! I really enjoyed your analysis of the movie Existenz. I particularly liked your point on the game giving their lives purpose, a goal and that the game itself was better than their reality. This hadn’t occurred to me but it makes sense; it even reminds me that the character Gas at one point discusses how it is better than their reality. While that was still in the game that he said that, it still ties to the point of the games creating a better reality. I enjoyed your analysis of the movie, it was incredibly thought provoking.


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