Blog #9

Aristotle identifies imitation in poetry and tragedy in three different types of imitation. The three ways are called the medium, the objects, and the manner or mode of imitation. Aristotle’s meaning is, The “medium”- tunes, rhythm, language, or harmony, singly, or combined. “Objects ” meaning men in action, these men must be either of a higher or a lower type,  they must make men better than what they actually are. The final  imitation , the “manner or mode of imitation” meaning the poet may imitate by narration. In which case he can either take another personality, or speak in his own person, unchanged, or he may be present in all characters as living and moving before us. Believe that Aristotle does convey a positive sense in art because of the amount of details he went into, and the way that he explained himself. For example he said ” conscious art imitates various objects  through the medium of  color and form.” This makes sense to me because you can see art in many different forms. I’m going to have to agree on Aristotle’s understanding of arts in terms of imitation is a useful way to understand what it is because, I could think of different things in my life and relate it to the concept to make it more understandable for me. I could learn and interpret things in different ways that I haven’t thought of before. I believe that everyone naturally grows up and lives their lives through imitation, either starting at a young age or later in life.


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