When I think of Aristotle’s tragedy the first thing that popped up into my head was the movie “Get Out.” This movie is about a couple , a black male named Chris, and a white female named Rose. They had been together for five months and it was time for Chris to meet Roses parents. Chris was unsure about doing this, his friend kept getting in his head telling him why not to go. Chris also didn’t want to go because he wasn’t sure if they would except him because of his race. Before I know it, they decide to take a road trip to Roses parents house and Chris is nervous. He also kept asking Rose if her parents knew that he’s black because rose said that she never dated a black person before . Rose was the most kind girlfriend to chris, she was sweet and so accepting and showing so much love towards him. Once they arrive to the house the first thing that Chris see’s is a white family with two black servants, one male and one female, so of course the first thing that chris automatically assumes Is racism. Later when they got into the room, chris is talking to rose about how he does not feel comfortable in the house because of how happy both of roses parents were, but the servants were acting weird and funny style towards him. As the movie goes on roses family ends up having a party, and rose is introducing chris into everybody there. All of these family members of hers are saying low blow racial jokes to rose  about chris. The day before the party even happened roses mom had hypnotized chris, but to a certain extent to the point where he couldn’t remember if it had actually happened or not. At this party chris was feeling overwhelmed from hearing all the racial slurs all evening that him and rose were tired of hearing, and he was feeling sick because of the hypnosis. As the response to this chris and rose went on a walk because he said he needed air. When they left the house a little while later while chris and rose were still gone, the family grouped together to plot and kill chris, take his brain and replace it with one of theirs. They wanted to do this brain swap so that he could now live and act like one of the servants that stay with roses parents. As chris and rose are going back home and are walking towards the house it seems to be that everyone is leaving, Chris begins to feel this weird vibe , and is getting a lot of stairs from everyone leaving, even roses parents. Rose doesn’t pay no mind or think nothing of it because she was just happy to be around her family. When they got back in the house in the room, Chris’s phone was unplugged, but when he left it was charging because it was dead this really freaked him out. Him and his friend were talking at least once a day on the phone, just to check on each other, but now that Chris’s phone is dead, his friend cant get a hold of him. At this point chris has had enough , he told rose that he wants to leave tonight , she questions him at first but then agrees so she went to get her bags. As she goes to get her bag he sees a box in the room they were staying in, its a photo album full of pictures of rose and all her previous boyfriends. Mind you rose sais she’s never dated a black person before , but this photo album was saying otherwise. Every picture in the album was a black guy , except their was one female. The kicker was that one of the black males she dated was one of the servants that are working in her parents house, and the female she dated was the other. Once he sees this he is telling rose that him and her need to leave tonight and get out of that house.  He is in a rush but before he leaves he keeps telling rose to let him see the keys to the car. The whole time she’s scrambling in her purse saying she cant find them. When they finally get downstairs and head towards the door roses family stops chris and tries to hurt him badly .  At this point chris knows that this might be the end of his life. As this is happening rose pulls the keys out of her purse finally and says to chris  “you know I cant give these to you” She was holding him back from leaving so that everyone could kill him. To sum the movie up she sets up chris to be killed, which didn’t happen, after being the most kind, innocent, pretty woman throughout the whole movie until the end. What chris got out of this was a life lesson ono how to be more aware, listen to his friends, and to be smarter about his life decisions. Elements that apply to my example is the plot and how it went on throughout the whole movie making me believe that everything was ok when it was a set up the whole time. The specular , everything looked good in the movies scenes such as it never looked like the character rose wanted to hurt chris a day in her life, she looked innocent. The recognition was when was chris finally got sense and realized that his only way out of the house was to fight and that he should have listed to his friend in the first place. During this movie fear was also a concern because It reminded me of previous movies or even old news about people like this, I  wasn’t sure if chris was going to make it out of the house alive.


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