By this standard he is basically saying that it is not art unless the feeling of individuality is transmitted though the art, the feeling of clearness, and the sincerity of the artist must feel the emotion himself that he is transmits. He believes the test we apply to evaluate art is the quality of feeling that each part of artwork transmits, you must feel some way about the piece of art that you consider “art. “The art has to effect the artist themselves & also the audience, but it may not hit everyone the same way. In one piece of art one person may feel individuality while the other feels emotions towards something. I also agree that this could be a useful proposal for evaluating quality of art because if someone believes something is art then I feel like they should have a certain amount of love for it . In that case it should have individuality in some way, clearness , and sincerity.I would not challenge against Tolstoy theory about “What is Art?” because I feel like it will forever be useful, it was back then & it still is until this day. My example of this that I would choose would be tattoos. I say this because ,  everyone can have their own in any shape, size, font, and color that they want,  It can be original . The feeling of individuality would be coming from how much you can realate to that tattoo if you were to see it on someone else. For example if you seen someone with a tattoo that says be free and has birds flying away from it , you might think to yourself am I really free , ?  do I live that way ,? should I be living that way? The feeling of clearness would be if you look at a tattoo and understand it’s meaning immediately, not just by the way it looks, but understanding the true message. The sincerity would be how it made them feel inside whether it reminded them of something like a memory or time period in their life.


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