Blog 17


I don’t believe that our memories are more powerful than leonards notes because overtime our memories shift a little. Our stories we tell people are never the same, there’s always some twist to the story. If you were to have notes and evidence , this wont change because it is basically noted history. I could understand if a group of people have a memory that could cange the shape of a room, but one person by themselves , people aren’t going to believe it because its not proof. For example like his notes. Hume would definately see Leonard’s condition as the same as ours because they both have to do with identity, and I think that’s the key connection that he would be looking for.

I believe that we do need constant Mirrors in our lives , such as notes, photos, tattoos etc . They can keep us on track & focused. Constant reminders of who we are of who we are and what are “goals” are in life , maybe looking at old photos to see who you were vs. who you’ve become . Showing yourself how you can’t change now because you’ve been on the right track for awhile. Notes to remind you of what you need to do daily, which could remind you of what you you need to do daily, which could remind you of what you need to do to be successful each week. Tattoos for multiple reasons; signs of who we are, who we’ve become,who we love, what we’re turning into , what we’re representing, or  how we feel inside etc.

Leonard has become his own person by relying on them, nobody can tell him anything. I would honest feel a little lost in life sometimes with out my own mirrors. This is because I feel like I really depend on my mirrors more than what I actually notice.

A view of self that relies upon mirrors with Humes theory would fit best only because of how he’s saying out concious Is constantly changing . This is us growing from looking at our mirrors or either growing to make more mirrors.


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