Blog #16

                             Blog #16

Humes Arguement is that he believes that there is no constant “self” to be found within a persons experiences and actions throughout their concious life. There’s no way that self is an illusion or fiction that wouldn’t make sense because majority of people know reality vs. fiction. Everyone can tell when they are having a dream compared to when they are awake. There has to be a constant self if everytime we wake up we know who we are. Hume is saying that we don’t exist, our brains are telling us we do. He believes all things have properties and those properties give them existence. People are non existent if the properties which are attributed to them are stripped. He says we exist because our perceptions make us believe we do. I dont think this is convincing because I first believe that it’s not possible for us not to exist, but to have a working brain. The reflection of self overtime would be us looking back on who we are almost everyday. I don’t think that we could forget who we are unless someone has a problem with memory or even worse . Then again that may not even be the case . I believe that self is embedded into each person.


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