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Traditional determinism has been given various, usually imprecise definitions. Determinism: the world is governed by ( or is under the sway of ) determinism if and only if , given a specified way things are at a time, the way things go thereafter is fixed as a matter of natural law . The roots of the notion of determinism “everything can, in principle, be explained, or that everything that is, has a sufficient reason for being as it is and not offensive.” Causal determinism: have a relative notion: predictability and fate. ” If determinism. ” Were true would I feel differently about my life in general ? ” Yes I would feel differently about my life, if I would Have been able to think and Process my favorite future life, I’d strive for greatness each and every opportunity I had in my life. My life would change because I honestly wouldn’t have much to worry about, everything would be done, in line, in order and pretty much perfect. If I knew what determinism was it would make me look at it differently because this would be something I would have In a way felt guilty about because it’s not normal. It’s almost like cheating and trying to find the easy way to succeed in life with out hard work, because everything hard is already done. In the text it in a way relates to what I’m trying to say ” the source of the guarantee that those events will happen is located in the will of the Gods, or divine forknowledge or some aspect of the universe rather than the unfolding of events under the sway of natural laws.Controlling your life could have pros and cons to it because maybe you could get tired of having an advantage to things , for example of an con. Cons; you won’t ever get in trouble possibly, won’t ever be sad, could be happy all the time and have nothing to strive for in life. making mistakes, you won’t know how to learn from them and become a better person.  Pros; rich, can predict success, can know how your going to settle in life.


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  1. I like what you said about, “maybe you could get tired of having an advantage of things”, because it really made me think about how I would personally feel about such a phenomena. I think you would really sort of lose drive to keep going in life in some ways.


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