Blog – Sense of self


I say that the sense of self has remained the same for me is how I was raised. Being taught things by a parent or guardian that will stick with you for the rest of your life. The important things that you are taught in life by parents are going to stick with you , and you cant change those things, its like they’re almost permanent. For example until this day, I respect people that I feel deserve to be respected , I take care of myself, and I know my obvious wrongs from my rights. That why I feel like good parenting is such an important role in life. Without that, your child could grow up not knowing as much of the basic necessities that a child deserves to know. People may think teaching a child to do bad things for their own comedy is going to be ok , but usually things like cussing etc. will stick with a child because they feel like its normal. Once I was at my cousins house and he has a son, his son was playing like any kid does & then he starts cussing at people. He thought it was the funniest thing , but I really didn’t understand because it’s bad for the child. Things that have changed for me besides being raised a certain way is my attitude, and my view on life. My attitude didn’t get bad or anything, I just believed it has changed over the years. My view of life has changed as well because. What I mean by this is that, for example when I was younger I thought I was going to live forever. Growing up seeing people pass away at young and old ages just made me realize that life is short, and I should take every opportunity , and advantage I have in life each and every day, and stop taking things for granted. Macintyres interpretation of human life is influenced by the medical conception which considers the human to be substantial. He also said the construction of personal identity revolves around the question ” what is good life ?”


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